“EDGAR” (G. Puccini) LIVE! 1977 – 2 CD’s: Carlo Bergonzi, Renata Scotto, Gwendolyn Killebrew, Vicente Sardinero / Eve Queler, cond. +BONUS: Scotto & Bergonzi sing duets from “Rigoletto”, Madama Butterfly” & “Lucia di Lammermoor”. [Digitally enhanced] BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY / * 2 ITEMS MINIMUM FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLACED ABROAD USA. ONLY $8.00 FEE PER ADDITIONAL ITEM SHIPPED


NOTE: 2-CDs; NO LIBRETTO; TRACKS LISTING INSERT INCLUDED /This is a very good digitally enhanced version of original soundtrack downloaded from a well known website specialized in performing arts. BONUS: Live duets from Rigoletto, Madama Butterfly and Lucia di Lammermoor by Scotto and Bergonzi. A real feast for any serious opera fan. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. **ONLY ONE ITEM AVAILABLE