“GISELLE” (A. Adam) DVD: Galina Mezentseva, Konstantin Zaklinsky, Tatyana Terekhova, Angelina Kabarova, Anelina Kasherina, Gennadi Selyutski, Valentin Onoshko, Vladimir Lopukhov, Olga Vtorushina, Sergei Vuharev, Altynai Asylmuratova, Olga Lyhovskaya / Viktor Fedotov, cond. [Digitally downloaded] / BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY / * 2 ITEMS MINIMUM FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLACED ABROAD USA. ONLY $8.00 FEE PER ADDITIONAL ITEM SHIPPED.


NOTE: Mezentseva was one of the GREATEST Russian “Giselle” ever. So applies to Terekhova as the Queen of the Willis in act II. A MUST for any serious ballet fan interested in legendary interpretations rather than the nowadays acrobatic display of technique. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! **ONLY ONE ITEM AVAILABLE