“La Forza del Destino” (G. Verdi) LIVE 3-CDs: Renata Tebaldi, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Giangiacomo Guelfi, Fedora Barbieri, Giulio Neri, Paolo Washington, Luciana Boni, Sergio Tadesco, Mario Frosini / GABRIELE SANTINI, cond. [Digitally enhanced] / BEFORE PLACING AND ORDER, PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY / * 2 ITEMS MINIMUM FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLACED ABROAD USA. ONLY $8.00 FEE PER ADDITIONAL ITEM SHIPPED.


NOTE! 3 CD’s (No libretto; Tracks outline insert) / This is an EXCELLENT digitally enhanced version, ONE OF THE BEST EVER RECORDED LIVE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! **ONLY ONE ITEM AVAILABLE