“LE NOZZE DI FIGARO” (W. A. Mozart) LIVE 2-CDs: Mirella Freni, Teresa Berganza, José Van Dam, Hermann Prey, Franco Ricciardi, Daniela Mazzucato, Leonardo Monreale, Paolo Montarsolo, Mirto Picchi / Claudio Abbado, cond. [Digitally enhanced] BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY / * 2 ITEMS MINIMUM FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS FROM USA. ONLY $8.00 FEE PER ADDITIONAL ITEM SHIPPED.


NOTE: This is a very good digitally enhanced version of this extraordinary live performance with M. Freni singing “The Countess” and not her legendary Susanna. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. **ONLY ONE ITEM AVAILABLE